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Join a Tribe of Forward Thinking Change-Makers!

There are numerous ways to get involved with WiseTribe. 

As a donor, your investment transforms communities by helping us develop the skill sets and mindsets to solve complex societal problems. Your gift to WiseTribe goes beyond treating the symptoms of ineffective, inequitable systems; it applies new paradigms, teamwork and systems thinking to address the root cause. You are building a better world for future generations.

As a volunteer, you are an essential part of WiseTribe. Your unique talents, interests, and passion are part of the solution. When you roll up your sleeves and dig in, it moves us closer to a healthier, wiser world. Our volunteers gain new friends, new skills, and new purpose.

As a #1000WT, you're part of a movement to bring intentionality to our individual and collective behaviors in a way that facilitates greater health and prosperity. 

How will you be the change today?